Canada - The Land of Maple Leaf

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The Maple leaf has played a crucial role in framing Canada’s history. Maple has always been the staple food of the citizens of Canada for a prolonged period. In Canada's history, during the times of war, injured and wounded soldiers would use maple leaf or medicines made of maple syrup as bandages and medicines for their injury. Maple leaf has medicinal power to heal wounds to some extent. While Canada is known for the scenic beauty it entails in the form of freshwater lakes, heart-wrenching mountains, glaziers and the ever-growing lush green forests, Canada is also known to be the land of Maple Leaf. So, you ask why Canada of all the country is so deeply associated with maple leaf? This is because maple leaf has played a crucial role in framing Canada’s history.

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Canada in the Fall Season

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If you want to witness Canada’s most beautiful side, the season of autumn is that window which would give you the most gorgeous views of the North American country, with the different shades of orange appearing in the dense forests, which were once colored in deepest of green just a few months ago. The months of September and October mark the onset of autumn in Canada providing relief from the summer heat as the climate becomes cooler with frequent light rains. Autumn is the best time to witness fall foliage in the widespread forests of Canada, with some of the world’s best landscapes in the country and there is not one but many ways of observing this side of nature in this season of joy!

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