The Top 10 Adventure Places in Canada

Updated on Dec 07, 2023 | Canada eTA

There is simply no match to Canada when it comes to its rich assortment of adventure places. Below we have listed out the top adventure paces in Canada, and we are sure that you are going to fall in love with every one of the destinations.

Are you looking for a few destinations in Canada that will offer you a quintessential adventure? 

It can often be the case that the magnanimous size and diversity of provinces in the country can turn out to be a terrifying prospect if a tourist is planning a trip to Canada

While planning a trip, most of the time we look for cities that will offer us the best scenic beauty, stunning monuments, amusing attractions, great food and buzzing nightlife, but what we often overlook is the adventure hotspots of the place! It is about time that we change this norm with the huge diversity of adventure places in Canada, which will surely put Canada at the top of your bucket list.


More popular amongst tourists and locals as the “wilderness city”, we can assure you that Whitehorse in Yukon deserves the fame! Surrounded by some of the rarest and most exotic wilderness species in the world, and if there is one experience that you simply cannot miss out on, it would be the triathlon, known as the Wilderness City Triathlon. There is no other way to utilize the amazing amenities and recreation opportunities that are available in Canada.

While you are in Yukon, you can start your day by hiking through the nearby Grey mountains with the breathtaking views of the alpine vistas. If you want to do something different, you can hire a canoe and spend a relaxing day at the Yukon River, which runs throughout the town. If you are a fan of bike rides, you can also hire a mountain bike and explore the 800 km long riding trails that run across the city. There is no shortage of exciting adventure activities in Yukon, thus making it one of the best adventure places in Canada.


If you are looking for some thrill and adrenaline rush, then you can try out Alberta and its multitude of adventure activities, such as climbing up an ice waterfall in the Canadian Rockies. A gravity-defying experience, there is an exhilarating pleasure in visiting Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise, the best place for all thrill-seekers, and not to forget the stunning views around. 

Get ready to experience something that is straight out of the Game of Throne series, do not miss out on plunging an axe on a frozen blue wall, and the thick snow around dribbles down.

Atlantic Winds, Prince Edward Island

If you think that spending your time at the golden sea beaches of Prince Edward Island can only be about taking a break from your hectic life and relaxing, it is about time to apprise yourself with the fact that the island sure has much more than what it shows. As the strong winds blow down the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and come across the huge horizon of the ocean and sunny and sandy beaches, you will come across the perfect background to go kiteboarding

There is no doubt that Prince Edward Island is one of the most adventurous and exciting places in Canada, but make sure that you have booked a lesson before you head down to go kiteboarding in there!


The best place to participate in a fun and exciting game of Snow tagging, here in Quebec, the magical outdoor sceneries and perfect weather conditions come together to provide the best fitness platform that there can be! At the La Maurice National Park, the stunning winter scenario along with the intricate snow designs that are carved out a few hours after a fresh bout of snowfall is guaranteed to take your breath away. 

Visitors are given the option to use a compass, GPS, ropes, or just go freely and rely on the drawings that can be found at the park office. If your creative desires are quenched for the day, you can head over to the High Hike point and enjoy the breathtaking view of the stunning creations that are presented all around the place!


Ontario falls amongst one of the top places to visit for every new traveller in Canada but let us share with you that the most adventurous activities to do in Canada is located right in the heart of Ontario! The Pukaskwa National Park is one of the largest as well as the best National Parks in the whole country, and the home to a coastal hiking trail that shall take you through the wildest Shores of many Great Lakes stretching for over 60 km, thus making it one of the best adventurous places in Canada. 

Once you have moved past the rock cairns along the empty pebble beaches, you will come across the tranquil woodland - Climb over through the steep shoreline rocks to come across the amazing expansive views of Lake Superior. One of the most polished and will maintain campsites in Canada, here you will find many suspension bridges along the way, that will make your experience much more exciting!


There is simply no way that you have looked up ski resorts in Canada and not heard of Whistler! Whistler falls amongst one of the best, biggest, and most celebrated ski resorts not only in Canada but in the entire world. And the best part about this is that people of every skill level and expertise can take part in the surfing and snowboarding opportunities in Whistler. 

If you feel like you had enough skiing and snowboarding, then you can also level it up with the zip-lining opportunities! As you go down the snow-capped mountains and trees, you will be screaming at the top of your lungs, and there is simply no view that can come close to the heavenly mountain views that you will gain from this experience.

Shubenacadie River

Home of some of the highest tides in the entire world, the tides at the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia can rise to 15 meters, which can further result in a tidal wave or a bore that often flows up the Shubenacadie River. While you are at the Shubenacadie river, you can rent a small, powered raft and ride up the incoming waves of water. As you will collide with the tides, there are simply no words to describe the extreme excitement of the feeling. But brace yourself since you are going to be extremely wet!



If you are a fan of California or Australia for the amazing surfing opportunities, get ready to welcome your new favorite surfing destination town, and that too in Canada! Tofino located in British Columbia is simply stunning with its picturesque surfing opportunities - what is even better is the mildly cold weather which remains at 10°C perennially, and if you have a good wetsuit with you, you are in for a ride of your life!

The water is suitable for both beginners as well as professionals, but if you would prefer a stronger current for your surfing adventure, head over here during the winter. Filled with dazzling rainforests, hot springs, and hiking opportunities, if you want to get a view of the best sceneries in Canada along with some surfing, make sure to head over to Tofino and fill your Canada trip with crazy adventures!



Although known as one of the flattest Canadian provinces, what many people do not know is that Manitoba is secretly one of the greatest places in town! If you wish to experience a fantastic view from a great elevation, head over to the Riding Mountain National Park, set at a mammoth altitude of 756 meters above sea level. One of the best destinations to go mountain bike riding in, the adventurous trails of Manitoba with their stunning views is going to steal your heart. You can also ride your bike to the top of the Manitoba Escarpment which is 65 million years old. 

However, we will advise you to keep an eye out for the elks and moose that come out during the early morning or dusks. If you want to go for an easy trial, we will recommend the Lakeshore Trail, but if you like your hikes tough, then go for the challenging Clear Lake Trail.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your bag and travel visa, it is the time to enjoy an adventure-filled holiday in Canada!

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