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Updated on Oct 30, 2023 | Canada eTA

Whether you are planning to travel to Canada for recreation or sightseeing, you must keep one thing in mind that you need to make sure to have proper travel documents. Not only do you need to carry your own identification and travel documents, but if your children are travelling with you, their documents are also required.

Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

From vacationing, visiting family or friends, sightseeing, and for some other social activity like coming as part of a school/college group on a school trip in any Canadian city, Canada eTA is required. It is an authorized travel document that permits foreign nationals to enter Canada for tourism purposes.

As a foreign national of visa exempt countries, you will not have to get a visa from the consulate or Canadian Embassy to travel to Canada if you have Canada eTA. It is electronically linked to a tourist’s passport. As far as its validity is concerned, it goes till your passport expires or for a period of five years, whichever comes earlier.

Who doesn’t need a Visa or Canada eTA for travelling to Canada for tourism?

There are a few visa-exempt countries whose passport holders can simply apply for Canada eTA online and they don’t have to visit the Canadian embassy or consulate to get a tourist visa to Canada. If you are also from a visa-exempt country, then you are allowed to travel to Canada for tourism on a Canada eTA or Canada Visitor Visa. It all depends on your nationality. Following are the visa-exempt countries.

You are eligible for Canada eTA if you are:

  • Nationals of one of these visa-exempt countries
  •  Australia, Andorra, Austria, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bahamas, Brunei, Belgium, Chile, Croatia Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Holy See (holders of a passport or travel document issued by the Holy See), Ireland, Iceland, Israel (holders of national Israeli passport), Italy, Japan, Korea (Republic of), Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania (holders of a biometric passport/e-passport issued by Lithuania), Mexico, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Poland (holders of a biometric passport/e-passport issued by Poland), Papua New Guinea, Portugal, San Marino, Samoa, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Solomon Islands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan (holders of the ordinary passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan that includes their personal identification number).
  • A British overseas citizen or British citizen. Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, Pitcairn, Montserrat, St. Helena or the Turks and Caicos Islands are all included in British overseas territories.

Activities you are allowed to do on Canada eTA

Following are the activities one can do on eTA Canada Tourist Visa:

  • Sightseeing vacationing or spending the holidays in any Canadian city
  • On a school trip, coming as part of a school group or for some other social activity
  • Visiting friends and family
  • To attend a short course of study that does not grant any credits

As a visitor, how long one can stay in Canada?

From the date they enter Canada, most of the tourists are allowed to stay in the country for duration of six months. Having said that, how long you are allowed to stay in Canada depends on the Immigration officer at Canadian port of entry (POE). This person has the final say in determining the tenure of your stay. The date that you must leave Canada will be indicated in your passport; however, for instance, if the Border Services Officer only authorizes a shorter period of three months, then you would have to leave the country in three months.

Here are a few essential requirements for applying Canada eTA for tourism!

One must have these when applying for the Canada eTA online:

  • Passport
  • Details of employment, contact, and where you are travelling
  • To pay the eTA application fees, a credit or debit card

Out of all the documents required when entering Canada, the most important one that you must always carry with you is your passport. On it, border officials will stamp the duration of your stay in the country.

As a tourist, these reasons can make your entry into Canada inadmissible!

Even if you are an approved Canada eTA holder, you should keep in mind that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can deny you entry into the country at the border. 

 Some of the top reasons for inadmissibility are

  • when checked by the border officials, you do not have all your documents, like your passport, in order
  • you have a history of being a terrorist/criminal
  • you pose any financial or health risk
  • participation in organized crime
  • violation of human rights
  • previous immigration issues
  • financial reasons such as having no proof of means to support yourself

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements

To apply for a Tourist Visa for Canada, you will need

  • Canada Tourist Visa Application Form.
  • To prove you have enough funds for the trip to Canada, you need to show your bank or other financial statements.
  • Proof of the relationship if you are visiting your family.
  • A Canada visa letter of invitation from your friends or family if you are visiting them.
  • The immigration statuses of your friends or family if you are visiting them.
  • Financial statements of your family or friends if you are visiting them.
  • Two photos that meet the Canada Photo Requirements.
  • Proof that your stay in the country is temporary and that you will return to your home country once your visit is over, such as a property deed, lease, and so on.
  • Court documents that prove you have a clean criminal history.
  • Proof that you do not plan to work or study in Canada.

Certain foreign nationals are allowed by Canada to visit the country without having to go through the lengthy process of applying for the Canadian Visa. Instead, these foreign nationals can travel to the country by applying for the Canada Electronic Travel Authorization or Canada eTA. Learn more at Canada eTA Requirements.

Check your eligibility for eTA Canada Visa and apply for eTA Canada Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight. British citizens, Italian citizens, Spanish citizens, French citizens, Israeli citizens, South Korean citizens, Portuguese citizens, and Brazilian citizens can apply online for Canada eTA.